You should never feel like you're completely alone in your home based online business. Resources (people, programs) are available 24/7 to assist you in making it to the top!

Only one kind of online business is worth looking into....

Only one kind of online business is worth looking into....Copyright 2006 I.M.A.G.I.N.E. Consulting Inc.Home Based Business is quickly becoming the new 'catch phrase' for the common household. Something that everyone SHOULD do, (let's not forget the tax incentives and ability to set your own hours) but unfortunately impossible for some who are already working 40-60 hours per week. Whether that is you, and you can't stop long enough to start up a business from home, or if you are the individual who already has a home based business but can't step away from it for any period of time, automating your business is the answer.There are already a handful of businesses to be found on the internet that are 95% or 100% fully automated. This is reason to celebrate! It makes the idea of starting a home based business more enticing, especially for the individuals who are not internet savvy. These businesses have the selling, explaining and closing feature in place (one of the reasons 95% of new entrepreneurs fail is the awesome responsibility to be able to do those necessary tasks), and most only require the business owner to do the actual marketing of the product, which can also be automated.For the rest of the populous, those who already HAVE a home based biz have the product, do the selling, explaining and closing but want to market their goods or service via internet as opposed to offline media, then automated marketing is also the answer.So how do we automate business? First we look at the necessary components of business; product and promotion.If you chose to work with a niche market, favoring something you have a particular interest in, then one of the best and simplest, most cost effective ways to start is by opening a store on Ebay. There, once you find your product supplier (if it isnt your aunt Nellys attic) you can set up your auctions a week in advance, then leave the country for a few days while your auctions close (at a profit of course!) and when you get back, set up the next set of auctions and ship the sold products. Ebay does the advertising for you on their site, closes the sale and sends you the purchaser info. Nicely automated.If you already have a store on the web, you can advertise your new products effectively (and inexpensively / freely) through Search Engine submission, Press Releases and Classified Ad or Ezine Submissions. There are numerous companies on the net that, for a fee ranging from $24 per month to $250 total, will blast your ad through classified directories, ezines, and online/offline media, as well as submit your website to 100+ search engine directories, even guaranteeing top 10 placement! Definitely worth the bucks! These too, can be set up in advance, submitted, and then forgotten for a week while you vacation in sunny Mexico.If you are fortunate enough to have discovered a wonderful new fully automated venture on the internet, then you really have it made! You can set up marketing campaigns through the same blaster services and leave the selling, explaining and closing to the automated website that came with your business or through the team leaders that direct your buyers through the sale for you. The Cadillac in internet marketing by far!Once you have taken the time to set up your campaigns, ads, submissions, press releases, etc. then it is only a matter of pushing a button and watching the sales come in! It really CAN be just THAT simple.

Sales Training Tip How To Retain Top Sales People

Sales Training Tip  How To Retain Top Sales People

There are four primary reasons a good sales person, who is producing at high-levels at a company, will choose to leave that company. Surprisingly, the top reasons are not about money. Top Reasons a Good Sales Person Will Leave A Company1.Lack of feeling that the company cares for them2.Lack of personal or intangible satisfaction and reward3.Lack of a defined or desirable career path and future4.Lack of sufficient or desirable incomeLet us look at each of these areas and see how to prevent the problem. 1 - Lack of feeling that the company cares for themThe number one reason a sales person will leave your company is that deep down, they feel as if you and the company do not really care about them. They feel as if the company just cares about making money and could care less for their health and welfare. How do you make them feel like you really care for them? Simple:Really care for them!As the sales manager, you should take the success of your sales people personally. Your sales team should know that you would face upper-management, the government, the competition or anyone else, to defend them and help them succeed. Your sales team should believe that you put their success above your own. And you should because when they succeed you succeed. You have to be the captain who goes into battle in front of the troops leading them. When your sales team knows that you will take a proverbial bullet for their sake, you will never have to worry about retaining good sales people. Again, the answer for making sales people believe that you care for them is to really do it. 2- Lack of personal or intangible satisfaction and reward In this, I am referring to the things that make the sales person feel good about himself or herself and what they do. Most sales people or their management may not even realize this, but this is a critical area of needs fulfillment. Everybody has to feel good about themselves. The job has to give you some heightened level of self-esteem, especially in the business of sales. Remember a sales person is already thought of in many circles as a charlatan or a con artist. There are many slang terms and pejorative labels that are often automatically attached to a sales person in the eyes of many consumers. Public trust becomes a big issue in the life of a professional sales person and with that public trust, comes personal trust. A sales person must be made to feel as if they perform an honorable and trustworthy function in society. The problem is that when this atmosphere is not present for the sales person it does not materialize in a recognizable fashion. In other words, the sales person does not go up to the management team and say, You know, I dont feel important or like I am performing an honorable job function No. In fact, the sales person will rarely understand exactly what is making him or her feel less than enthusiastic about the job. This problem will manifest itself in a number of symptoms that often seem unrelated: a.A lack of enthusiasmb.A erratic closing averagec.A feeling of being overworkedd.A feeling of repetitiveness e.Erratic work ethic and increased time offf.Forgetting the basics or taking short-cutsg.An overall attitude of, I just dont care These are some signs that this sales person does not feel important. Below are a few ways to help solve this problem:Have a clearly defined company and departmental mission statement and vision statement that include the wide reaching effect of the product or service. (Look for Ask-The-Expert article How to keep motivated)Continuously explain to the sales team the entire scope and importance of a sales persons mission. For example, if you sell cars, a car sale does more than just satisfy the car buyer. A car sale helps the community, it helps the buyers family, it helps keep two dozen people employed at the dealership, it helps sell more petroleum, it helps the economy, and more. Find the long-range affect of your product or service and help the sales people understand their real importance. Supply personal gratification in private and recognition in public. You should have regular private conversations with your sales people, keeping in touch with their wishes and dreams and their problems. Learn how to listen. Seek out the sales persons personal goals and objectives in private. Does she want to get married? Have a baby?Does he want to go back to collage one day?Does she want to get into management?Does he want a new car?Does her and his family want to move to a bigger homeEtc.Take a personal interest in the life of your sales people. They will tell you what is on their mindslisten. Make complements and uplifting statements in public. Recognition for hard work and a job well done is critical to a sales persons mental health. Ask the sales person to teach the newer sales people. This is a powerful management tool that solves many potential problems. When you have a seasoned sales person who is beginning to loose the enthusiasm for the sales process as things begin to become routine, have that sales person help you in teaching a sales training class or having newer sales people watch them. Promote the sales person as a long-time expert, to the newer sales people and charge the veteran sales person with helping to train the new recruits. Find a way to add bonus or override income for the sales person and this will help him or her begin to refocus. 3 - Lack of a defined or desirable career path and future This is simple but often overlooked. Make sure you know exactly where your sales people want to go in their career and in life. Make sure that your company has incremental steps of promotion. Often a sales company will have two positions: 1.New Sales Person or rookie or probationary period2.Sales PersonSome offer a few additional steps like 3.Sr. Sales Person4.ManagerIt is important that you have a number of steps that a sales person will have something to work for all the time. Also, make sure that your companys goals match with the sales persons. Often you will have sales people who view the company as a means to a NEW BEGINNING and not as a means to an end. This is fine, as long as you know what they want. For instance, you may have a sales person whos goal is to earn enough money to start a bridal shop. Fine. But when you know this, you know how to help motivate this person.4 - Lack of sufficient or desirable income Your sales people should be the highest paid in your industry. How do you do this? You hold your sales team to the highest standards of excellence in the industry. You hold your sales team to the highest levels of accomplishment in and customer satisfaction the industry. How can you do that? You hold your company to the highest level of product or service in the industry. So often a company will think that they can provide the best service yet pay their sales people the least. This does not and will not ever work. Many companies pay their people just barley enough to keep them from quitting. In return, most employees work barley enough to keep from being fired. No. Pay your people the most you can pay them and hold them to the highest standards.When it comes to retaining good sales people the old adage is key: The more you help other people get what they want, the more you will get what you want.

Up is Not the Only Way

Up is Not the Only Way

Copyright 2006 Red Ladder, Inc.When I first entered the workforce, the path for moving forward and advancing my career was steep and hierarchical. In some ways, it reminded me of the steps required to ascend the temples in Chitza Nitza, Mexico. If you have ever climbed the pyramid at Chitza Nitza, you know that its not too bad at the lower levels, but gets more challenging the higher you go. And as you might expect, it was pretty lonely at the top.Today, the organizational realm in which we work has been dramatically altered. Organizations are flatter, with fewer middle management positions. Those that do hold those positions now have broader spans of control with more responsibility. Downsizing or rightsizing has become an accepted business practice in most companies. And, we have come to know, that we all have limited -- if any -- job security.Not to worry! There are still plenty of opportunities for those that want to move ahead and ascend the corporate ladder. It does require you to change your perspective and develop a new vocabulary.If you want to move ahead in your company, here are a few tips to get you started:- Develop a "Me, Inc." attitude. Identify your key assets and liabilities. Then create a plan to leverage your assets and offset your liabilities. Think about how you will communicate your interest in being promoted. Involve your manager when appropriate. But remember, you are responsible for your own career success.- Invest in your "work portfolio." Develop a wide range of experiences and desirable skills. Think about what specific skills the next job will require. For example: supervising, team-building, decision-making, budgeting, or scheduling. Then take steps to develop your skills. Do this internally at your company or externally through volunteer work, a self-study program, or taking a local course. And remember, embrace lifelong development and continuous learning by taking advantage of degreed programs, industry seminars, continuing education and company training programs.- Be a change agent. Get comfortable with handling ongoing change. This means not only embracing change but also seeking it out in the form of new and challenging experiences. Move around willingly and proactively. That includes up, down, and sideways within your company, and outside of your company when necessary.Follow these tips and you can expect new avenues to open up for you. And remember, in the new world of work, up is not the only way!

Letterheads Its all about you

Letterheads  Its all about you

Copyright 2006 business-cards.comThe letterhead that you use for your enterprise will cement the image that others form about you and your business. It is usually the first opportunity that you have to present your business to someone. It is important that the design created for your letterhead reflects the theme you want portrayed. Your letterhead will not only provide the potential customer with your contact details, it will also create an impression about the quality of your products or services.The design you use for your letterhead should express your business's personality. For example, a letterhead designed for a business that sells plumbing accessories, should be different from one designed for a party cruise company.Every letterhead needs to reflect the personality of the business to create the desired image. You can affect the image that is created through the use of different elements on your letterhead, such as your logo, colors, fonts and of course the paper it is printed on. Once you have determined what elements you will use, you are ready to start the design process.Some Color Thoughts: Temperature, yes temperature can be recreated with color. Use piercing blue and think cool, cold or even icy. On the other hand, choose Aztec yellow and youll warm up the reader every time. Now, which would suit an air-conditioning firm, and which would you use for promoting a tanning studio? Additionally, while sharp edges and bold colors denote precision and efficiency, soft watercolor brush strokes combined with a pastel palette lend your image a soft caring feel.Content Elements: The content of your letterhead consists of any information about your business that you want included on your letterhead. The main purpose of your letterhead is to provide information about your business. The content can include the following elements that are applicable to your business. A logo; business name and address; contact name; phone & fax numbers; fax number; e-mail address and a slogan if you wish.Do not include any peripheral information. The letterhead should not look crowded and should leave plenty of white space for the letter itself.Design Format: There are several processes that can be used to choose the format for the layout of your letterhead.Custom designing provides many options when determining the format. You can create almost any format that you and your designers imagination allow. Copy placement, fonts, ink colors and paper types are only restricted by what your printer and paper merchant has available. Custom designing allows you to use a design unique to your business. Keep in mind that opting to use a custom design will most generally cost you more than a template type format.

Make Fewer Cold Calls and Get Better Results

Cold calling, the old way, has to be the most painful form of sales work you can experience. Theres a lot of rejection, fear, and deflated hopes.

But theres a new way to make cold calling as pleasant and relaxed as picking up the phone and talking to a friend. Just follow these steps, and your "cold call" s can become an enjoyable part of your day.

1. Rip Up Your Sales Script and Start a Conversation

If youve been selling for a while, youve probably used a sales script. Perhaps using a script is the only way you know to start a cold call.

But people can almost always tell when you're reading from a script, even if you think youre pretty good at it. There's just nothing personal about it, and people pick up on that.

A script isnt a conversation. Its a linear process designed to move the other person toward a sale. Youre not having a real dialogue when youre using a script. So nothing is "real" about the whole encounter.

A conversation, on the other hand, is a living, breathing relationship. Youre two real people, talking normally and naturally.

So when youre just being yourself, the other persons walls can come down. Because youre not coming at them with one-way sales strategy. So your cold calls typically last longer. Youll make fewer calls, and have better results.

2. From "Dreaded Salesperson" to Trusted Advisor

The old cold calling strategies teach you to polarize the roles of buyer and seller. Youre trying to coax "prospects" into buying your product. Youre not thinking about their world their budget, problems, or time constraints. Youve been taught to think about the sale.

Well, suppose you were to focus instead on the things that matter to the other person. For example, their problems. What if you were to become a problem solver?

Thats exactly the place you want to be when making your cold calls. Imagine approaching someone with the idea of finding out whether you can help solve a problem. Imagine the kind of attitude this would convey to the other person.

Youre no longer trying to persuade. Youre not even thinking about the sale. Youre thinking about whether you can help someone solve a problem. Youre relaxed, comfortable, and authentic.

When you make your cold calls this way, youll find that others will engage you more. And youll also be able to really enjoy what youre doing.

3. Gain the Respect You Deserve Stop Pushing and Chasing

The old-school sales gurus teach the essentially the same approach. "Focus on closing the sale. Keep pushing forward. Overcome objections. Your job is to turn every no into a yes."

Persuading and coaxing has always been considered a normal and necessary part of cold calling. But its rooted in a kind of macho selling image. If you don't keep pushing, it means you're giving up. So you keep trying to move things forward, and you keep "chasing" with follow-up calls.

Even when your focus is on solving a problem for the other person, you can be coaxing and cajoling. But if you do this, how can you become the trusted advisor I spoke about earlier?

Its really simple. Just let go of your attachment to the sale. When you do this, you can relax into being the professional that you are.

When you stop focusing on getting the sale, you can become a trusted resource. Youre no longer chasing, pushing, and cajoling. Youre helping. And that makes a world of difference in how people respond to you.

Follow these guidelines, and cold calling can become surprisingly enjoyable. Youll find yourself spending much more time with each person. Youll also see more positive results, whether or not a sale unfolds. Others will tend to respond to you more graciously. And your whole "cold calling" ing experience can become a pleasant one.

The Simple System For Finding A Killer Product And Identifying A Hot Niche!

Creating your own products is not difficult. However, it does take a little time to get it done, create a sales letter for it, work on the site, test it out, etc. Since you may be short on time (and money), one method you can use is to start by looking for existing products that you could acquire resell rights to or become an affiliate of.You can go to and browse through their Marketplace for a product you can affiliate with. I like clickbank because they automatically (and instantly) transfer your commissions into your account. You don't have to depend on the product owner's schedule to receive timely commissions. And, you can become an affiliate of all of their products at no charge.You could also go to (or even Yahoo) and search for sites selling recipes, recipe books, cookbooks, etc. and look for sites you could affiliate with. It would be to your advantage to work with sites/products that offer a generous commission (at least 50%.)Tip: As you look through these sites, pay attention to how professional the sites look, how convincing the sales letter is, and also how soon after the sale they send out commissions. If you personally feel good about the site, see some great testimonials, and feel that you would want to do business with that company, you've probably found a good business to affiliate with.(Let me also point out here that if you do have some experience with creating your own products, feel free to do so. It doesn't have to contain 100 pages. It can be only a few pages, as long as you provide solid, valuable information.)Finding Your NicheWhen trying to figure out which niche to go after, the questions you want to ask yourself are...What do I love to do the most? What am I most passionate about in life?What subjects do I have strong emotional feeling towards?What am I naturally good at or have an instinct for? (Provided it's something you enjoy doing!)If I were to wake up in the morning and choose to do one thing, what would that be?What would express my creative intention and bring out the best in me while doing it?How can I benefit myself and others if I were to express my creative intention?To some, the answers may come very easily. And for some of us, it may require a little bit of soul-searching and self-discovery to get there.If you're having a hard time finding the answers, just get your mind going in that general direction by pondering on the above questions, especially before you go to bed at night (and until you fall asleep.) The power of focus is such that it will get your mind working in the background (while you're sleeping) to bring the answers to you.For now, you can simply start by asking..."What are my favorite hobbies, interests, activities, etc."Or..."What are some things I don't know yet but have a burning desire to learn more about?"Start a list and add all your favorites to it.


You should never feel like you're completely alone in your home based online business. Resources (people, programs) are available 24/7 to assist you in making it to the top!